Yasuhiro Watanabe


Yasuhiro is a well-known venture capitalist in the Japanese tech market. After working at JAFCO, Japan's largest venture capital firm, he established an independent venture capital firm, Incubate Capital Partners. He has invested in several successful companies, including F@N Communications, Inc. (IPO in 2005), AIP Corporation (acquired in 2005), and Commerce21 Corporation (acquired in 2004). In 2007, he co-founded Studio Ousia. His dream is becoming a samurai one day.

Ikuya Yamada

Co-founder, CTO

Ikuya is a serial entrepreneur and has been a software engineer since he was in junior high school. Previously he was CTO of Fractalist, a mobile software company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. While he was in college, he founded Newrong, led several governmental projects, and developed a new P2P middleware currently used by several established Japanese manufacturers. He is also Senior Visiting Researcher at Keio Research Institute at SFC and a Visiting Researcher at the National Institute of Informatics.

Ayae Hirata

Marketing Director

While attending university, Ayae engaged in public relations work for non-profit organizations and social ventures. She joined Studio Ousia to help innovate the world through her novel ideas and vision. One of her hobbies is reading -- especially books by her favorite authors, Gabriel García Márquez and Milan Kundera.

Naoya Tozuka

Software Engineer

Naoya has started software programming at the age of 10. He majored in Tibetan Studies in Kyoto University. He joined Studio Ousia in 2012 after working at a DTP company and also co-founding a startup. He likes programming competitions. He has the credentials of the primary degree of a French language proficiency test and a translator of French.

Tomotaka Ito

Software Engineer

Tomotaka has been interested in how interactive web pages are constructed. He’s studied programming since junior high school. During university and graduate school, he did research projects in middleware for intuitive controls and service integration in the field of ubiquitous computing. At Phroni, he spearheaded the implementation of server-side systems. Some of his hobbies are visiting hot springs, driving, and watching movies.

Shinsuke Takagi

Software Engineer

Shinsuke has been passionate about ubiquitous computing since high school. He enrolled at Keio University's Faculty of Policy Management in 2011. His research focuses on IPv6 operation in wireless sensor networks. His hobbies include soccer and mahjong.

Shin Usami

Software Engineer

Shin was a student of Keio University's Faculty of Environmental Information. While there, he worked on a programming project for the Xbox Kinect motion sensing input device. His current research is in sensor networks for ubiquitous computing. Some of his hobbies include sports and building things.

Mizuki Miyatake

Growth Hacker

Mizuki is an undergraduate student at Keio University majoring in applied physics. He likes programming to deploy an idea to the real world systems. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the piano.


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