Media Coverage 2014-09-03

THE BRIDGE: Keywords Search Tool Phroni Launches As an Add-On For 2 More Mobile Browsers

Studio Ousia is featured on THE BRIDGE.

Media Coverage 2014-09-03

Tech in Asia: Startup Arena alumni Studio Ousia lands $1M in new funding

Studio Ousia is featured on Tech in Asia.

News 2014-09-02

Studio Ousia receives 100 million yen funding from Nippon Information Development

Focus on Entity Linking research and the development of related applications

News 2014-07-11

Linkify to be Presented at ACM Hypertext International Conference

A research paper on Linkify has been selected for ACM Hypertext 2014.

Media Coverage 2014-03-19 Studio Ousia Envisions A World Of Semantic Augmented Reality

Linkify and Semantic AR are featured on

Media Coverage 2014-03-13

ProgrammableWeb: Linkify Helps Mobile App Developers Monetize Without Banner Ads

Linkify is featured on ProgrammableWeb.

Media Coverage 2014-02-21

ToolsJournal: Linkify All Set To Simplify Mobile Search

Linkify is featured on ToolsJournal.

Media Coverage 2014-02-21

ProgrammableWeb: Linkify Makes Cutting-Edge SDK Generally Available

Linkify is featured on ProgrammableWeb.

News 2014-02-20

Linkify Anounces General Availability for Cutting-Edge SDK

Introduces New Revenue Opportunity for Mobile App Developers