Media Coverage 2013-09-09

Startup Dating: Japan’s Studio Ousia to launch new affiliate solution for bloggers

Linkify is featured on Startup Dating.

News 2013-07-01

Phroni now compatible with Dolphin Browser and Sleipnir Mobile

Phroni has been made available as an add-on for Android browsers Dolphin Browser and Sleipnir Mobile.

News 2012-11-19

Phroni Presentation at TEDxSeeds

Ikuya presented Phroni at TEDxSeeds.

Media Coverage 2012-10-01

e27: Frustrated with smartphone and tablet browsing? Try Phroni

Phroni is featured on e27.

News 2012-09-25

Phroni presentation at GigaOM Mobilize 2012

We presented Phroni at GigaOM Mobilize.

Media Coverage 2012-08-24

GigaOM: Which of these 10 startups will win the Mobilize Launchpad event?

Phroni is featured on GigaOM.

Media Coverage 2012-08-10

Tech In Asia: Japan’s Bravesoft Enlists Phroni to Enhance News Reading Experience

Phroni is featured on Tech In Asia.

Media Coverage 2012-03-27

Tech In Asia: Japanese Startup Phroni Gets Phunded, Raises 70 Million Yen

Phroni is featured on Tech In Asia.

News 2012-03-09

Studio Ousia releases Phroni, technology to enhance browsing on smartphones.

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