News 2012-11-19

Phroni Presentation at TEDxSeeds

Ikuya presented Phroni at TEDxSeeds.

Media Coverage 2012-10-01

e27: Frustrated with smartphone and tablet browsing? Try Phroni

Phroni is featured on e27.

News 2012-09-25

Phroni presentation at GigaOM Mobilize 2012

We presented Phroni at GigaOM Mobilize.

Media Coverage 2012-08-24

GigaOM: Which of these 10 startups will win the Mobilize Launchpad event?

Phroni is featured on GigaOM.

Media Coverage 2012-08-10

Tech In Asia: Japan’s Bravesoft Enlists Phroni to Enhance News Reading Experience

Phroni is featured on Tech In Asia.

Media Coverage 2012-03-27

Tech In Asia: Japanese Startup Phroni Gets Phunded, Raises 70 Million Yen

Phroni is featured on Tech In Asia.

News 2012-03-09

Studio Ousia releases Phroni, technology to enhance browsing on smartphones.

Keywords that users might find interesting are automatically extracted and converted into links through the use of machine learning technology.

Media Coverage 2012-03-09

Tech in Asia: Japan-based Studio Ousia Finally Launches Phroni

Phroni is featured on Tech in Asia.

News 2012-03-03

Phroni Showcased at DEMO Asia

Phroni presented at DEMO Asia.

Media Coverage 2012-02-29

Digital Media Wire: Phroni secures $870,000 to enhance mobile browsing [with demo video]

Phroni is featured on Digital Media Wire.