Studio Ousia releases Phroni, technology to enhance browsing on smartphones.


March 9, 2012 –Studio Ousia Inc. has excitedly released Phroni - a technology that significantly enhances the browsing experience on smartphones and tablet devices.

Phroni Web

This release has been made on March 1st, 2012 in Singapore at DEMO Asia 2012, the Asian version of the world's largest launch event DEMO. Phroni also proudly won the award at the international conference, Extended Semantic Web Conference 2010, and has been selected as the finalist at multiple international events, including Plug and Play Winter EXPO in Silicon Valley and Startup Asia in Singapore.

Phroni is currently operated on the iOS and Android platforms, and can be installed and used as an add-on of Firefox for Android.

About Phroni

Up to now, touch screen devices such as smartphones and tablet devices required several troublesome steps—selecting text by holding and accurately swiping the finger on the screen, copying the keyword, pasting it into the search box, starting a search, etc.—in order to get more information about a phrase that induces the reader’s interests. Phroni simplifies this process significantly by employing a proprietary machine-learning engine to analyze the text and automatically extract relevant keywords, turning them into tappable links. Users can perform a keyword search on their desired web sources by just tapping the keyword.


Feature 1. Turning Keywords into Links:

Phroni uses machine learning to automatically infer what keywords might be of interest to you, and then turns them into links. This technology has been developed based on academic research for accurately extracting interesting keywords.

Feature 2. Dynamic Contents Aggregation: Phroni aggregates content related to the keywords and displays them in a single screen. It automatically generates a page that allows you immediate access to related content, such as Wikipedia, images, videos, and web searches.

Sample Images

Image 1

(Image 1)Keywords are turned into tappable links.

Image 2

(Image 2)After tapping, related information is displayed on a single screen

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