Linkify beta released for iOS and Android


The new service Linkify was released in beta on December 10th for Android and on the 17th for iOS.

Linkify is an SDK that provides technology for developers of apps and mobile-based websites. It eliminates the amount time necessary to look things up on touch-screen devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Normally, when you look something up on a mobile, you must choose and copy text, open a new tab, and finally look it up in a complex bit of work. Linkify aims to simplify the search experience by automatically converting suitable text from news sites, blog apps, and others into clickable links using machine intelligence. Upon clicking one of these keywords, the user is greeted with a popup window displaying a selection of appropriate search functions such as Wikipedia, Google, Youtube, and more.

In addition, by using AdSense for search you can choose ads relevant to your keywords to monetize your mobile apps.

Start using Linkify now by requesting an invitation code from the address below.


Linkify Concept Movie

Linkify Demo Movie

We’ll show you the basics of using Linkify.