Studio Ousia receives 100 million yen funding from Nippon Information Development


On August 28, 2014, Studio Ousia received 100 million yen as the result of the issuance of its new shares for Nippon Information Development (NID). This new money will be used for the research of Entity Linking(*1) and the development of the related applications.

Entity Linking is a technology that extracts entity names such as proper nouns from a text source, and links them to the corresponding entries in Wikipedia and other knowledge bases. By utilising, for example, the Linked Open Data associated with Wikipedia, it is now possible to incorporate the semantic classes and properties of an entity in enhanced textual analysis. The field is drawing considerable attention, with Entity Linking contests held in recent years by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Microsoft Research.

Studio Ousia has released two existing products: Linkify, a search enhancement tool for mobile app developers which incorporates Entity Linking technology, and Linkplaza, which extracts keyword entities tailored to retail purchases. Future developments include using data gathered from these services to improve the accuracy of Entity Linking technology, along with plans to develop Entity Linking applications beyond advertising and text on the Web, and into the physical world.

*1 Entity Linking


About Linkify

Linkify is a tool that enables publishers to give users an enhanced way to rapidly get relevant information on their mobile device as they read and consume content.


About Linkplaza

Linkplaza is a monetization tool for web publishers adding affiliated links on product names or keywords.


About Nippon Information Development Co., Ltd. (NID)

Address: Harumi Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Founded: May 1967

URL: http://www.nid.co.jp/

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