Studio Ousia releases QA system: Answer Robot


World’s first Pre-trained Japanese QA model

Sōseki is a state-of-the-art natural language AI that understands any documents. Studio Ousia created a Japanese QA dataset consisting of over 100 thousand QAs covering various genres. We used this dataset to train Sōseki and can now provide a pre-trained, general-purpose Japanese QA model.

Sōseki is state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing AI

The natural language processing technology powering Sōseki is proven to be cutting-edge. It was ranked second only behind Facebook in the Efficient Open-Domain Question Answering Competition1, Systems under 6GB track, held at NeurIPS 2020.

Everyone is welcomed to try out Sōseki at our demo site!

Answer Robot creates AI bots instantaneously from FAQs

Answer Robot is a SaaS service that incorporates FAQ management and chat widget features to the pre-trained QA model based on Sōseki. It was developed to enable businesses to easily adopt cutting-edge AI technology into their everyday tasks. With Answer Robot, users can release their AI bot on their webpage in 30 minutes.

Feature1: Outstanding capability of finding answers

Sōseki understands the meaning of the registered FAQ and is able to find the best answer to a user's query. The keywords do not have to match for Sōseki.

Feature 2 Hassle-free system

The accurate search capability can be achieved by just registering an FAQ. There is no need for training or dictionary data.

Feature 3: Low price system

Price plans start from 30,000 Yen per month.

Answer Robot provides a complete set of APIs to work with existing systems. Add-ons for Teams, Zendesk, ChatPlus, Salesforce, Slack and other platforms are to be released soon.

Try out Answer Robot with the 2 week free trial!

For companies with a FAQ ready, we provide a 2 week free trial. We encourage everyone to register their FAQs in Answer Robot and compare the search results with their current FAQ system. We are confident that you will be surprised with the difference. For more information about Answer Robot and application to the 2 week trial, go to our homepage!


  1. In the Efficient Open-Domain Question Answering Competition, teams were challenged to build a question answering system that can generate a correct answer given just a question as input. The questions are 1,800 real Google search queries, and the answers must be acquired without access to external sources. Sōseki answered correctly to questions such as “Who is under the mask of Darth Vader?” and “Who won the women's australian open 2018?”.