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What We Do

We are an AI startup focused on developing natural language processing to enhance intelligent AI for all organizations.

Large Language Models

LLMs are used ubiquitously in natural language processing. LUKE, a large language model that is one of our research results, has shown state-of-the-art performance in multiple natural language processing benchmarks and has been included in the Transformers library. The widget at the top of this page visualizes the token embeddings of multilingual LUKE.

Question Answering

Question answering is a basic way for humans to interact with AI using natural language. At NIPS 2017, our AI outperformed all other AIs and won by a large margin against the human U.S. quiz champion team. In the standard question-answering benchmark SQuAD v1.1, we achieved state-of-the-art performance in 2020. In the NerurIPS 2020 question answering competition, we achieved performance competitive with Microsoft and Meta AI.




ANSWER ROBOT allows users to create AI bots instantly from FAQs. It can answer with high accuracy without any human effort.

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QA ENGINE is an award winning question answering system that automates customer helpdesks.

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SMART ANNOTATOR is a text annotation tool that is based on our AI to cluster text by its meaning.

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News 2022-04-20

Two papers were accepted at NAACL 2022

Demonstrating the possibilities of utilizing the vector representations of entities to improve multilingual pretrained language models

News 2022-03-08

Our paper was accepted at ACL

Utilizing the vector representations of entities to improve multilingual pretrained language models