News 2019-09-02

Paper co-authored with the University of Maryland team accepted at TACL

A paper on the development of an adversarial question answering dataset was accepted by TACL.

News 2019-09-02

Paper accepted at The SIGNLL Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning

Paper proposing a novel text classification method using neural network with Wikipedia entities as inputs was accepted at The CoNLL.

News 2017-12-14

Studio Ousia’s AI Defeats a Team of Human Quiz Champions

Studio Ousia, the AI quiz champion at NIPS 2017 (the top machine learning conference), also defeats humans.

Media Coverage 2017-08-09

Tech in Asia: 5 Japanese startups to follow at #tiatokyo2017

Studio Ousia is featured on Tech in Asia.

Media Coverage 2017-06-14

The Culture Trip: 10 Japanese Startups to Watch

Studio Ousia is featured on The Culture Trip.

News 2017-02-20

Studio Ousia and NAIST Jointly Wins the Second Prize in the 2017 WSDM Cup

We develop a new system utilizing deep learning

Media Coverage 2017-02-20

Tech in Asia: 8 rising startups in Japan

Studio Ousia is featured on Tech in Asia.

News 2017-02-16

Studio Ousia Receives Investment from Samsung Ventures

Studio Ousia Inc. announced funding to accelerate the development of QA Engine.

News 2017-01-05

Studio Ousia Debuted an AI Question Answering System on Chat Service by Freee

QA Engine is adopted as freee's chat support system